DAVID DOUGLAS SD 401.0 FTE Library Media Specialist- Fir Ridge


1.0 FTE Library Media Specialist- Fir Ridge (18-888)

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Title1.0 FTE Library Media Specialist- Fir Ridge
Posting ID18-888






JOB TITLE:  Library Media Specialist Fir Ridge & Elementary


Job Purpose Statement/s:  The position of Library Media Specialist is for the purpose/s of providing and maintaining media services which effectively augment the instructional program and to provide instruction to students on the use of media centers, including research skills at appropriate grade levels.  The Media Specialist interprets the school media program to students, teachers, administrators, and the community.  This position also supports K-5 Library Media Assistants in all nine elementary schools. 


Essential Job Functions:


  • Instruct students (classes, small groups, and individuals) in the necessary media skills and the effective use of the Media Center, its materials and related equipment as identified in the district media outcomes.
  • Provide assistance to the building staff in the selection and use of instruction materials and equipment.
  • Assist the principal in the evaluation of media programs as requested.
  • Maintain proper accounting and record keeping systems for library materials and equipment including circulation, distribution, retrieval, collection evaluation and inventory.
  • Preview, select, order and process, (catalog if necessary) according to district media policy, new acquisitions to the media collection.
  • Assist the principal in the preparation of building media budget.
  • Maintain appropriate displays that reflect attention to course units of instruction within the school.
  • Plan and supervise purposeful assignments for library assistant(s) and/or volunteer(s), and evaluate their job performance where applicable.
  • Maintain order and appropriate conduct among students.
  • Become familiar with and uphold the enforcement of school rules, district media procedures, Administrative Regulations and Board Policies.
  • Collaborate with school personnel, parents and various community agencies for the purpose of improving the quality of the media center.
  • Demonstrate methods required to perform assignments for the purpose of modeling the skills necessary to perform the tasks safely and/or accurately.
  • Support classroom teachers and other school personnel for the purpose of assisting them with implementing classroom goals and individual student plans.
  • Become familiar with and uphold the enforcement of school rules, Administrative Regulations and Board Policy.
  • Demonstrate a professional and positive attitude when carrying out responsibilities as a faculty member.
  • Attend staff meetings and serve on staff committees as requested.
  • Meet the state standards for competent and ethical performance.
  • Assist teachers in instruction, use, obtaining licenses, and maintaining database for online instructional supports (e.g.,, google doc passwords, Proquest)
  • Participate in various meetings (e.g. parent conferences, in-service training, site meetings, etc.) for the purpose of receiving and/or providing information.


Elementary Job Functions:

  • Library Management: Materials selection, acquisition, cataloging, and weeding.
  • Plan and facilitate trainings and meetings with K-5 Library Media Assistants
  • Oversee book selection process and approve book purchases, including donations, to ensure books meet board approved selection policy.
  • Assist library personnel with library circulation and cataloging system.
  • Assist building administrators as requested with hiring of library personnel.
  • Maintain, update, and communicate procedures in Elementary Library Procedure Manual.
  • Organize and coordinate district and community resources for elementary.
  • Mentor new library assistants on policy, procedure, and problem solving.



Job Requirements – Qualifications:


      Experience Preferred:  Prior job related experience as Library Media Specialist and work in alternative school setting.  Experience with Follett Destiny Library Manager.


      Skills, Knowledge and/or Abilities Required:


Skills in planning, developing, and implementing appropriate materials for the media center that support and complement district curriculum and assisting students in realizing success.  Effective communication skills with students, parents and other school personnel.


Knowledge of instructional theory, best practices, curriculum, state education code and district policies.


Abilities to stand and walk for prolonged periods, perform a variety of specialized and responsible tasks, maintain records, establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with students, parent, other school personnel, meet schedule and deadlines.  Significant physical abilities include lifting/carrying/reaching/handling, talking/hearing conversations, near/far visual acuity/depth perception and accommodation field of vision.


Education Required:  Bachelor’s Degree.  Media Specialist endorsement required.


Licenses, Bonding and/or Testing Required:  Appropriate Teacher Standards and Practices Commission license, Criminal Justice fingerprint clearance, and valid driver’s license and evidence of insurability.


Other:  First aid card and cardiopulmonary resuscitation certificate.


Multi-Cultural preferred.


Bi-Lingual candidate preferred.


ESOL and/or Reading endorsement preferred.


The David Douglas School District welcomes applications from candidates that expand the District's diversity.


Terms of Employment:  Salary and work year according to the current contract and school calendar.


Evaluation:  Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board's Policy on Evaluation of Licensed Staff Personnel.


David Douglas School District Drug Testing and Criminal Background check

Per district policy all offers of employment shall be contingent upon the successful passing of a district required drug test and criminal background check. David Douglas School District’s Human Resources will designate where and when the testing will be conducted. The offer of employment will be withdrawn from candidates who test positive for drugs.




Shift TypeFull Time
Salary RangeMonthly

Applications Accepted

Start Date11/29/2018
End Date01/29/2019